Advanced pediatric spine certification

DNV offers an advanced certification for pediatric spine programs to validate that your program meets or exceeds established standards of care. Certifying your program helps assure families that their children are receiving high-quality treatment and care.

DNV's advanced pediatric spine certification recognizes excellence in an organization’s pediatric spine program, inclusive of initial diagnostic services, surgical services, and therapies.  

The advanced pediatric spine certification framework is based upon a risk-based approach as part of an established quality management system (QMS). DNV’s advanced pediatric spine certification supports the guidance of the SRS, POSNA, AAOS, AANS APIC, ASA, and relevant agencies (e.g., CMS) and professional organizations. 

This certification verifies that an organization has demonstrated compliance with the DNV advanced pediatric spine certification requirements. 

Benefits of certification

DNV advanced pediatric spine certification:

  • Provides a framework that assists organizations in the development and implementation of systems and processes that improve operational effectiveness and enhance positive health outcomes
  • Improves the quality management system by taking a broad-view approach to identify what drives success. We help you identify critical risks and relevant processes that impact long-term goals

Certification survey components

The certification survey focuses on processes across the continuum of care that contribute to positive outcomes and support performance improvement. During the survey process, we: 

  • Provide a specifically qualitified DNV surveyor to conduct the audit survey
  • Provide the survey agenda and document request list in advance to assist with organizational survey planning
  • Incorporate program data review as part of the audit activity on an annual basis
  • Survey the pediatric spine program across the continuum of care

Advanced pediatric spine certification requirements


Advanced pediatric spine certification brochure