Orthopedic program certifications & center of excellence designations

DNV offers a service line of orthopedic program certifications and center of excellence designations that affirm an organization’s excellence in the provision of diagnostic services, surgical services, and therapies related to orthopedic, spine, and neurological care.

Now offering a service line of orthopedic & spine program certifications and center of excellence designations for ambulatory surgery centers.

Orthopedic surgery has experienced many innovations over recent years, to include performing joint replacement and spine surgeries on an out-patient basis. This has resulted in an increased need for ambulatory settings where evidence-based and high-quality care are achieved. Contact us to learn more about our orthopedic and spine services for ambulatory surgery centers. 

Advanced orthopedic & spine service line

DNV offers orthopedic certification services for both hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Our service line includes:

  • Advanced foot & ankle surgery certification
  • Advanced hip & knee replacement certification
  • Advanced shoulder surgery certification
  • Advanced spine surgery certification
  • Advanced pediatric spine certification
  • Orthopedic center of excellence designation
  • Orthopedic & spine center of excellence designation

How does an organization become a DNV Orthopedic or Orthopedic & Spine Center of Excellence?

The orthopedic center of excellence and orthopedic & spine center of excellence designations are obtained by achieving certification in at least three (3) orthopedic service line programs. The requirements set forth by DNV are based on the guidelines, recommendations and practices recognized by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Certification survey

Organizations have the option to combine three surveys into a 2.5-day Orthopedic and Spine Center of Excellence designation survey. The survey focuses on processes across the continuum of care that contribute to positive outcomes and support performance improvement.

  • An annual survey
  • Qualified DNV surveyor conducts the survey
  • Survey agenda and document request list provided in advance to assist with organizational planning
  • No required data submission outside the Corrective Action Plan process as audit activity incorporates program data review annually
  • Survey activity audits the three programs across the continuum of care

What makes DNV certification unique?

The integration of the ISO 9001 process approach with DNV certifications enable an organization to improve patient safety and quality by taking a broader view of what drives success. Certification will allow organizations to identify critical risks and relevant processes that impact long-term goals.

Our standards and requirements are available for download free of charge


Orthopedic & spine certification requirements


Orthopedic service line brochure

Advanced Orthopedic Certifications & Centers of Excellence designations


Othopedic & Spine Center of Excellence - survey document request list