Certification in infection prevention (CIP)

DNV certification in infection prevention validates that your organization is meeting or exceeding standards in the practices of infection prevention

The DNV Advanced Certification in Infection Prevention (AC-IP) recognizes excellence in an organization’s infection prevention and control processes with an emphasis on sepsis management.


Why certify your infection prevention program? 

Considering modern public health concerns including emerging pathogens, heightened vigilance of methods and practices in infection prevention and control are required for the continued health and safety of patients. More than ever, healthcare organizations have to maintain competence in the identification and optimal mitigation of infection risks. To achieve this, organizations must adopt a structured and robust approach that measures performance and manages change. 

Our certification in infection prevention requirements were developed to provide a modern, comprehensive, and practical framework to help organizations improve their management of infection risk. 

The requirements are compatible with the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), OSHA, and CMS requirements relative to its scope of operations, and other national guidelines. 

In addition to using the advanced certification in infection prevention requirements as the basis for conducting assessment activities, the requirements can be used to facilitate management system design, hazard identification and risk assessment, gap analyses, as well as training. 

When you certify your program, you will know where your defenses are strong and where your vulnerabilities exist. Most importantly, you will be able to pinpoint gaps in your cross-function and inter-department workflows. That is knowledge that can immediately improve your processes and help save lives. 

Our standards and requirements are available for download free of charge


Certification in infection prevention requirements


Certification in infection prevention brochure