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DNV Healthcare’s Certification in Infection Prevention (CIP) aims to partner with your healthcare organization to help you proactively manage and reduce risk associated with healthcare acquired infections. Certification from DNV Healthcare fuses management science with medical science to create organization vigilance against infection.

Why a Certification in Infection Prevention?

Many healthcare institutions need to demonstrate careful management of infection risks and reduce healthcare associated infections (HAI). To achieve this, organizations need to adopt a structured and robust approach to manage these challenges, measure their performance and manage change. 

The CIP requirements were developed by DNV Healthcare to provide a modern, comprehensive and practical framework to help organizations improve their management of infection risk. The requirements are compatible with the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), OSHA, CMS requirements relative to its scope of operations, and other national guidelines to allow better integration and ease of implementation. 

In addition to using the CIP requirements as the basis for conducting assessment activities, the requirements can be used to facilitate management system design, hazard identification and risk assessment, gap analyses, as well as training.

Roadmap to CIP

CIP Certification follows a path very similar to hospital accreditation. A team of CIP surveyors will visit your hospital, with the exact number of auditors and length of audit determined by the scale of the hospital’s facilities, workforce and patient population. The DNV surveyors apply comprehensive standards, with each element representing known trigger points for infection risk. 

You will know where your defenses are strong and where your vulnerabilities exist. Most importantly, you’ll pin-point the gaps in your cross-function and inter-department workflows. That’s knowledge that can immediately improve you processes and help save lives.

Advanced Certification in Infection Prevention Program Documents

Advanced Certification in Infection Prevention Program Requirements

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