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Specialty advanced certifications

Specialty advanced certifications

Our specialty program certifications are designed with input from multidisciplinary hospital teams and evidence-based practice guidelines to meet their specific needs.  By earning certification from DNV, you will validate your excellence and distinguish yourself as a leader in your community. You gain a competitive advantage, create new opportunities for collaboration with other highly advanced individuals, and improve patient satisfaction. Our specialty program certifications provide the framework for accredited facilities and personnel to demonstrate their dedication to advancing high quality care for all patients.

Our specialty advanced certifications include:

  • Advanced healthcare cybersecurity certification - NEW
  • Advanced glycemic management certification
  • Advanced sterile processing certification
  • Palliative care program certification
  • Certification in infection prevention (CIP)
  • Advanced certification in infection prevention (AC-IP)

Newly released

To meet the needs of healthcare organizations in today's climate of technological advancements and events, we are proud to announce the new DNV Advanced Healthcare Cybersecurity Certification. This certification follows quality standards in cybersecurity, specific to the context and needs of healthcare organizations. To learn more, click on the certification below or contact us.