VAD Facility Credentialing Program

Find out what makes the DNV - Healthcare VAD Facility Credentialing Program Unique

Building on the success of our hospital accreditation program, DNV - Healthcare has been approved by CMS to credential facilities providing placement of Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD) as Destination Therapy.

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For NIAHO® accredited organizations, the DNV — Healthcare VAD Credentialing Program brings added value. The DNV — Healthcare VAD Credentialing Program requirements are aligned with NIAHO® and ISO 9001 such that the VAD credentialing survey verifies VAD program alignment with the organization’s required Quality Management System.

The VAD Credentialing Survey process audits an organization's VAD Program in the following areas:

  • Quality Management System
  • Program Management
  • Staffing Management
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • VAD Program Service Delivery
  • Evaluation of the multidisciplinary approach from pre-hospital care through discharge planning

Unique characteristics of our program:

  • DNV — Healthcare surveys with a team of two: a qualified DNV NIAHO® Surveyor and a Clinical Specialist with specific background, training, and experience in the delivery of inpatient VAD services.
  • Survey activity incorporates program data review on an annual basis. If a new VAD program has not completed at least one VAD implant at the time of the initial survey, a return survey for data review is required within 6 months.
  • DNV — Healthcare does not require data submission outside the Corrective Action Plan process because DNV — Healthcare includes data review in the annual survey.

What to expect with DNV - Healthcare:

  • Credentials VAD Facility Programs for a three year period subject to an annual survey
  • Coordinates with the Applicant Organization to schedule the annual announced survey to assess continuing compliance
  • Provides the survey agenda and document request list in advance to assist the organization with survey planning
  • Survey activity audits the VAD Program across the continuum of care
  • Provides access to the client drop box to respond to questions or obtain additional information

How does DNV survey a new VAD program

  • The DNV survey process represents a more cost effective path to program implementation for new programs. This process allows surveyors to review the infrastructure of the program prior to a VAD procedure.
  • The initial on-site visit will be lead by two qualified surveyors to evaluate the infrastructure of the program.
  • DNV sends approval to CMS for recommendation of VAD credentialing. Upon approval from CMS, the organization can then perform VAD procedures.
  • DNV will return in 6 months to evaluate the remainder of the program, visit the various departments, and review medical records of VAD patients.
  • Surveys in subsequent years consist of two DNV surveyors for one day, annually.

How is the process different for established VAD programs?

  • Two DNV - Healthcare VAD surveyors provide a two-day initial survey.
  • Verification is sent to CMS for approval.
  • Surveys in subsequent years consist of two DNV surveyors for one day, annually.

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