Heart failure advanced certification

DNV's heart failure advanced certification recognizes excellence in heart failure care and treatment

DNV is the only accreditor of US hospitals to integrate ISO 9001 quality management system compliance with the Medicare Conditions of Participation. The NIAHO® accreditation platform helps your organization continuously improve healthcare quality and facilitate a more effective and efficient multidisciplinary approach to patient-centered care.

Benefits of certification

Heart failure advanced certification validates that the healthcare organization’s heart failure program and staff:

  • Have demonstrated experience, knowledge, and skills in the complex specialty of heart failure care
  • Have a process for managing and mitigating clinical and safety-related risk

The heart failure advanced certification requirements provide a framework that assists organizations in the development and implementation of systems and processes which improve operational effectiveness and enhance positive health outcomes.

DNV's heart failure advanced certification survey process focuses on the continuum of care that drives positive outcomes and continuous performance improvement for an organization’s heart failure program by surveying the following areas:

  • Quality management system
  • Program management
  • Staffing management
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Program service delivery
  • Multidisciplinary approach from pre-hospital care through discharge planning

Survey system components

  • An annual survey schedule
  • Provides a specifically qualified DNV NIAHO® surveyor to conduct the one-day audit survey
  • Provides the survey agenda and document request list in advance to assist with organization survey planning
  • Audit activity incorporates program data review on an annual basis
  • Survey activity audits the heart failure program across the continuum of care
  • Certification provides patients and their families with validation that the team caring for them has demonstrated experience, knowledge and skills in the complex specialty of heart failure care

Heart failure advanced certification requirements


Heart failure advanced certification brochure

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