Cardiac Center of Excellence Designation

DNV Healthcare's Cardiac Center of Excellence Designation - Pushing boundaries to keep cardiac programs at peak performance!

DNV Healthcare is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations improve quality, patient safety, and healthcare delivery. Building on the success of our hospital accreditation programs, DNV offers the Cardiac Center of Excellence Designation that affirms an organization’s excellence in the provision of diagnostic services, surgical services, and therapies related to cardiovascular care.

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How Does an Organization Achieve the DNV Cardiac Center of Excellence Designation?

The Cardiac Center of Excellence Designation is obtained by achieving certification in at least three (3) cardiac service line programs: 

  • Chest Pain Program Certification
  • Heart Failure Program Certification 
  • Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) Program Certification 
  • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Program Credentialing 

The requirements set forth by DNV are based on the cardiovascular requirements, guidelines, recommendations and evidence-based professionally recognized standards of practice.

Cardiac Center of Excellence Survey Options 

Organizations have the option to combine the three required surveys into a multi-day Cardiac Center of Excellence Designation survey. The combined survey focuses on processes across the continuum of care that contribute to positive outcomes and support performance improvement. 

  • DNV will coordinate with applicant organizations to determine the length of the survey based upon the specific Program Certification surveys to be combined.

Cardiac Center of Excellence Survey Components

  • An annual announced survey 
  • Survey agenda and document request list are provided in advance to assist organization with survey planning
  • DNV client drop box provides ready access to the DNV cardiac team for questions or additional information 
  • DNV Surveys with: 
    • Qualified DNV surveyors with specific backgrounds, training, and current experiences in the delivery of cardiac services
    • Technical experts with current discipline experience also participate in VAD and ECLS survey activity
  • Survey activity incorporates program data review on an annual basis to validate process improvement outcomes 
  • DNV cardiac-based certification standards allow flexibility in program design, delivery, and monitoring/measuring of cardiac processes.

Added Value for NIAHO® Customers: Quality Management System Alignment

  • The DNV certification requirements are aligned with NIAHO and ISO 9001
  • The Cardiac Center of Excellence designation survey verifies programmatic alignment with the organization’s required Quality Management System

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See below for individual brochures and requirements for each of the cardiac service line programs.

Cardiac Service Line Brochure

ECLS Program Certification Documents

Extracorporeal Life Support Program Certification Requirements

Extracorporeal Life Support Program Certification Brochure

Chest Pain Program Certification Documents

Chest Pain Program Certification Requirements

Chest Pain Program Certification Brochure

Advanced Heart Failure Certification Documents

Advanced Heart Failure Certification Requirements

Advanced Heart Failure Certification Brochure

VAD Facility Credentialing Program Documents

VAD Facility Credentialing Program Requirements

VAD Facility Credentialing Program Brochure

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