Systems and software risk management

The extensive use of software has improved systems functionality and business efficiency but has also introduced a significant risk factor. Malfunction of ICT systems may lead to catastrophic events, critical business consequences or severe information security leaks, putting trust and credibility at risk.


We are here to help you find out the following:

  • What is the current situation of your system and related processes - the total risk picture?
  • What are the key improvement areas?
  • How best to implement improvement planning and support?
  • How continuous improvement can be achieved?


Over the years we have gathered technologies and competencies within systems and software which can bring many benefits to your company:

  • safe, secure and reliable systems
  • improved service continuity
  • improved business results
  • compliance to standards and regulations
  • brand protection
  • enhanced stakeholder trust and confidence
  • improved and cost efficient processes
  • reduced system lifecycle costs
  • reduced insurance costs and risk of liability claims
  • less incidents.


Our strategy is to provide a complete service offering to meet your needs for managing risks of systems and software. Our services include:

  • safety and management process assessment and improvement
  • software process assessment and improvement
  • information security management assessment and improvement
  • risk and reliability analysis related to ICT systems
  • information security risk analysis
  • software product assessment
  • independent verification and validation
  • ICT risk management
  • ICT system procurement assistance
  • supplier audits and assessment
  • risk management support tools
  • IT service management system assessment and improvement (ITIL/BS15000).

Our experience

We take pride in our ability to judge the correct balance between risk and profit, and we have specially trained experts and proven methodology for this purpose.

Our experience covers the complete lifecycle of safety and business critical systems including in-depth knowledge of a broad set of related standards, guidelines and best practices. We draw on our experience from various industries including space, telecommunication, aviation, automotive, rail, ICT, finance, oil and gas, utilities and the public sector.‚Äč



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