Benefits of ISRS

All companies have a management system but many struggle to get their management system implemented effectively. ISRS can help.​

​A management system is a framework of controls to manage key processes, organizational risks and drive continual improvement. The management system is important to the operation of every business because it guides the behavior of personnel in the organization. The management system is the management team’s main tool for ensuring safe and sustainable operations. The challenge facing organizations is “How can we get our management system to work more effectively?” 

The ISRS contains 30 years of best practice experience in safety and sustainability management. Using ISRS gives necessary personnel the ability to measure, improve and demonstrate the implementation of their management system. Using the associated ISRS Summit networked software, managers can monitor system implementation online across all sites in the organization, providing valuable information for decision support. 

ISRS helps you:

  • Ensure business operations are safe and sustainable
  • Ensure systematic and effective risk management
  • Save money by reducing your accidents, process stoppages and other loss events
  • Provide assurance to stakeholders that external standards are being met
  • Establish or confirm regulatory compliance
  • Benchmark performance against industry peers and world class
  • Highlight current strengths and weaknesses in the management system
  • Identify any improvements required and monitor their implementation
  • Establish optimized work processes using industry best practice
  • Develop employee skills and foster the right workplace behaviors and culture
  • Improve systems leading to accreditation in relevant certification standards
  • Establish a single integrated management system to drive continual improvement
  • Provide web enabled assessment software to the desktop of employees and managers
  • Standardize your assessment approach internationally – ISRS available in eight languages
  • Join the global ISRS community and network with other organizations to share good practice.


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