RSCS+ enhanced Route Specific Container Stowage

DNV’s approach to container stowage rules enables container lines to gain business flexibility and cost advantages.

Container ships are increasingly sailing different trade routes, with varying load assumptions. A vessel’s partial draught may change from port to port, often requiring costly and time-consuming container re-stowage.

Using long-term statistical data on wave conditions and highly advanced computations, plus considering the latest market developments, DNV has further developed its Route Specific Container Stowage (RSCS) class notation to provide RSCS+. For short voyages up to three days, an additional new weather-dependent acceleration reduction factor has been introduced which helps to avoid costly re-stows at every port of call, when weather conditions allow.

More individual route calculation

Enhanced rules mean any route can now be calculated. To make the process as efficient as possible, a new application has been developed which is available through Veracity and allows you to calculate your route reduction factor for any voyage longer than three days. This can be done by entering the route-specific information, such as ports and sea regions. 

The reduction factor indicates the reduction of load assumptions due to ship motions. The individually calculated factor is usually less than for purely North Atlantic sailing conditions.

The RSCS+ class notation is voluntary and applicable for all newbuildings as well as for ships in operation.

The RSCS+ class notation helps to make your business more flexible:

  • Increased flexibility of vessel deployment on different routes
  • Significant increase of stack weight in holds of 20-foot stowage
  • More efficient planning (e.g. better consideration of short notice requests for additional loads)
  • Boost in profits due to the option to load more laden containers per voyage
  • Easy and convenient calculation process for the ship owner
  • Reduced number of necessary re-stows
  • Easy to implement

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