Damage, repair support and technical troubleshooting

If you have an accident, we will help you to evaluate the damage and give you guidance and support to bring your vessel back into operation as quickly as possible – without compromising on safety and reliability.

Severe damage to a ship’s structure, machinery components or systems represents a threat to both the safety and commercial operations of a ship.

DNV has a strong team of technical experts who can provide fast and professional evaluation of the damage and support with regard to temporary and permanent repairs to minimise the off hire.

The attending surveyor at site will supported by a team of experienced experts in the different disciplines such as hull, machinery, cargo systems, etc. in Hamburg and at Høvik. They will use their knowledge and state-of-the-art calculation tools to give you sound technical advice on how to handle individual cases.

DNV has the world’s largest fleet with more than 14,000 vessels – giving us a broad and deep expertise in all ship types.

Our competencies and services for vessel damage and repair management include:

  • Support for the damage and repair of hull structures, propulsion and machinery systems, components and rudder systems
  • Assessment of residual hull capacity after grounding or collision
  • Advice on weather restrictions for the voyage to a repair yard, if relevant
  • Guidance and acceptance of repair procedures and drawings
  • Close dialogue with all parties involved, if required
  • Alignment of propulsion plants
  • Calculation of docking in loaded condition, if relevant

After an incident, contact DNV for your damage and repair management:

  • Minimise downtime due to fast response-effective support in bringing your ship back into operation
  • Your end-to-end partner – from the incident to repair of damage and beyond
  • Support at site from our network of more than 100 survey stations with highly qualified and empowered surveyors
  • Regional high level decision power from a network of regional chief surveyors
  • Direct access to highly competent technical experts who will help you through the entire process from damage assessment to permanent repairs
  • State-of-the-art calculation tools to calculate residual capacity in damaged cross sections and hydrodynamic loads from wave loads, depending on the weather conditions
  • Support with temporary repairs necessary for a single voyage to repair yards, including the relevant weather restrictions and weather routing
  • Support to avoid the overload of bottom structure if the ship has to dry-dock with cargo on board
  • Root cause analysis in the case of damage and advice on design modifications and improvements
  • Support in dialogue with third party interests such as port state, flag state and cargo owners