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Certified Healthcare Operations Professional (CHOP)

Facilitating safety

About the Certified Hospital Operations Professional Program:

The CHOP program is designed to be both an individual certification program and useful training for anyone involved with, or interested in, the Physical Environment aspect of healthcare operations.

The CHOP program is an in-depth dive into the NIAHO® Physical Environment accreditation requirements, the ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems - Requirements©, other standards including NFPA 101®, NFPA 99®, OSHA, DOT,, and how these are applied within the healthcare setting. Unlike other individual certification programs, the CHOP program addresses the entire Physical Environment, not just the Life Safety Code®. 

The CHOP program is designed primarily for Facilities staff, however, anyone who serves in the healthcare industry will find a great deal of benefit from the course(s). Healthcare professionals such as facilities staff, environmental services staff, risk, safety, infection prevention, medical equipment, security, quality, and accreditation will benefit from the CHOP program.

CHOP-B (Basic) is the first of three courses in the CHOP series and is designed to provide a basic understanding of the operation of the physical environment for healthcare professionals.  Anyone who serves in the healthcare industry will find a great deal of benefit from this course. The course consists of three (3) days of instructor-led classroom training covering the PE section of the NIAHO accreditation standards, key NFPA® and other regulatory requirements, and the application of ISO 9001:2015© to the physical environment.

CHOP-A (Advanced) is the second of our CHOP series intended to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge of the technological operations of the hospital. Topics covered include construction/renovation activities, essential hospital equipment; preventive maintenance strategies, reporting, and the regulatory requirements associated with them.

CHOP-E (Executive) is the 3rd and final level of the CHOP series and is designed to provide the participants with in-depth knowledge of the of challenges associated with managing the hospital physical environment. The course focuses on the management responsibilities of the operations professional. Topics addressed in this course include specific requirements of the Life Safety Code®, budgeting, utilities benchmarking, utilities savings, and the construction process.

Eligibility Criteria:

The courses are open to anyone interested in a better understanding of healthcare physical environment operations.  Certification is available to those that meet the eligibility requirements.

CHOP-B (Basic)

Individuals who wish to become CHOP-B certified must meet minimum qualifications for experience and successfully pass the CHOP-B examination with a minimum score of 80%.

Exam Prerequisites:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Three (3) years of Associated Physical Environment Experience*, two (2) years of which must have been in a healthcare setting.
  • Attend the CHOP-B Class

*Associated Physical Environment experience refers to work experience in the following functional areas: ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, Facilities, Life Safety Management, Safety Management, Security Management, Hazard Materials Management, Emergency Management, Medical Equipment and Utility Management Systems.

CHOP-A (Advanced)

Individuals who wish to become CHOP-A certified must have a current CHOP-B certification, attend the CHOP-A Course, and pass the examination with a minimum score of 80%.

CHOP-E (Executive)

Individuals who wish to become CHOP-E certified must have a current CHOP-A certification, attend the CHOP-E course, and pass the examination with a minimum score of 80%.

CHOP Recertification

Open for recertification via attestation or testing. The exam is offered once each month.

  CHOP Recertification

CHOP Recertification

$149 for recertification with attestation $348 for recertification with exam. You will be asked to choose either the attestation option or your exam date during the registration process.

  View available public courses

View available public courses

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