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DNV Offering Interactive Clinical Stroke Series

Events Focus on Clinical Services Interpretation and Discussion of Most Often Cited Requirements Encountered During Stroke Center Certification

DNV Healthcare USA Inc. is holding a series of interactive seminars this summer and fall that provide clinical details regarding the management of stroke patients. This series is intended to highlight and offer interpretations of the more difficult items and services that hospitals need to meet in order to obtain certification as Stroke Centers. 

The first event covered the value and requirements of the Modified Rankin Scale and NIH Stroke Scale and took place on June 8. The next event, covered medication management for the acute stroke patients, and took place on July 9. The upcoming event on August 3 at 1:00 PM CST, will cover stroke metrics to improve patient care. The two remaining events in September and October will cover the use of stroke protocols and requirements to manage hemorrhagic strokes. 

Strokes kill nearly 150,000 Americans annually. In some regions such as the Southeast, stroke mortality rates are more than double compared to other parts of the U.S. As a result, obtaining a stroke center certification is a critical component for the operational success of the nation’s acute care hospitals. 

DNV was the first hospital accrediting organization in the United States to issue Comprehensive Stroke Center certifications. It has certified over 340 hospitals across the United States to date. About half of those receive their overall accreditation to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs from other organizations – proof that the DNV program is uniquely valuable. 

“Receiving a Stroke Certification means a hospital can treat almost all stroke patients under most circumstances or begin care and transfer to a higher level of stroke care when needed,” says Cathie Abrahamsen, DNV Healthcare USA Inc.’s Stroke Program Director. 

Stroke programs who have been certified by DNV have experienced continuous improvements and increased speed in delivering care to stroke patients. 

“For those hospitals that have yet to obtain a stroke center certification, this informational series will likely make the case for them to proceed with this important undertaking,” says Patrick Horine, President of DNV Healthcare USA Inc. 

More information about the 2021 Clinical Stroke Series – including how to register – may be found here

DNV Healthcare USA Inc. has pioneered a roadmap for hospitals to improve the delivery of healthcare services at every level. Implementation of its ISO 9001 quality management system allows hospitals to improve quality and enhance patient safety at every step of the care continuum. DNV has accredited more than 600 hospitals in the United States using this innovative approach that enables an organization to be better managed, more efficient and focused primarily on patient-centered care. More information about the organization may be found here

“We want to identify innovative practices and approaches to address aspects that improve quality, efficiency and enhance patient care,” says David Tellez, DNV’s leader of supply chain and product assurance in the Americas. “Our success is attributable to the unique approach we take with our hospital customers to use the quality management system to their advantage.”

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