DNV Broadens Certification Program Related to Healthcare Operations and the Physical Environment

DNV Certified Healthcare Operations Professional (CHOP)

Final tier of Certified Healthcare Operations Professional (CHOP) credentialing program released.

DNV has recently expanded its Certified Healthcare Operations Professional (CHOP) program by introducing a new credentialing tier known as CHOP-Executive (CHOP-E). This serves as the ultimate level of certification for individuals who are accountable for or engaged in managing the hospital physical environment. 

The CHOP program is designed to serve as either a training course or credentialing program. Those who attend the 3-day training workshop are given the option to sit for a credentialing test. This training is relevant to individuals working in hospital facilities management, accreditation, quality, performance improvement, or areas that interact with the physical environment. 

Mark Rath, MBA, MS, FACHE, HACP, Associate Vice President of RHS Accreditation & Support Operations at Riverside Health System stated, “DNV’s CHOP courses are an excellent opportunity for both our facility operations teams and hospital leadership to partner with DNV to learn all aspects of the physical environment. We utilize both the CHOP-B (Basic) course to provide participants with the foundation and basic understanding of how NIAHO, NFPA, OSHA, and ISO 9001:2015 work together, and the CHOP-A (Advanced) course to further develop knowledge and competencies. By attending these courses our participants develop a strong foundation and understanding of how the physical environment program directly impacts the quality of patient care, a safe environment, and compliance with regulatory requirements.” 

The CHOP is a progressive, 3-tiered credentialing program consisting of: 

CHOP-B (Basic) - provides a basic understanding of operations for healthcare professionals. Topics covered include a review of the NIAHO® accreditation standards, key NFPA and other regulatory requirements, and the application of ISO 9001 to the physical environment. 

CHOP-A (Advanced) –focuses on the technological operations of the hospital such as Central Energy Plant equipment, cooling towers, life safety equipment, utilities management, Infection Prevention in Construction & Renovation (ICRA), alternative life safety measures, review and functions of infrastructure, and preventative maintenance of hospital equipment. (CHOP-B is a pre-requisite for this tier). 

CHOP-E (Executive) – which addresses the challenges associated with managing the hospital physical environment. Topics covered include specific requirements of the Life Safety Code, budgeting, utilities benchmarking, utilities savings, contract management, and the construction process. (CHOP-A is a pre-requisite for this tier). Upcoming public classes:

  • CHOP-E April 18-20, Katy, TX
  • CHOP-B May 16-18, Charlotte, NC
  • CHOP-A June 27-29, Virginia

David Tellez, Regional Lead, DNV Supply Chan and Product Assurance stated, “Our CHOP program is the embodiment of DNV’s purpose, which is to safeguard life, property, and the environment. We are proud of the innovative ways DNV is impacting patient safety.”

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