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DNV is dedicated to the cruise industry and continuously strives to improve the industry’s performance and sustainability. Performance is the key success factor on all levels for competitive offshore sailing. This is also valid for the international cruise industry where non-performance is not an alternative.

Collaborating with DNV will help you improve your business performance in a sustainable way. DNV is the leading provider of high quality services to the cruise industry and works closely with owners, designers, yards, managers, manufacturers, flag states, port states, training providers and other stakeholders in the cruise industry.

Our services in detail:
-Statutory Certification
-Product Certification
-Maritime Advisory
-Shipping Advisory Services
-Noise and Vibration Advisory Services
-Safety, Risk and Reliability Advisory Services
-Hydrodynamics Advisory Services
-Lifecycle Management Advisory Services
-Structure Advisory Services Control Systems
-and Cybernetics Advisory ECO Solutions

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Maritime Impact: Our expertise in stories

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Kick-starting cruise: Can pioneering certification enable industry rebirth?

DNV has joined forces with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to launch a comprehensive certification programme allowing cruise ships to resume operations from Singapore. Genting Cruise Lines and RCI are the first companies setting sail for a new age of Covid-safe operations.


A first mover in infection prevention

As the first cruise company to have a vessel certified for disease prevention, Genting Cruise Lines shares their experiences with CIP-M certification and their early return to operation in Taiwan.


How to best prevent blackouts and loss of propulsion on passenger vessels

A new DNV guidance paper “Managing the risks of blackouts” addresses the prevention and mitigation of blackouts to support safe and reliable operations as the passenger sector finds its feet again following the pandemic.


Promoting safety culture

The cruise industry is amid a full return to operations, and many steps must be taken to achieve this safely. DNV says a critical component is crew training and competence, and operators need to invest more in this area to strengthen their organizations’ safety culture.


Implementing an effective ESG strategy

For the cruise industry, charting a sustainable pathway for the future is more important than ever. The leading global cruise company Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has embraced this and is committed to making a lasting impact on the world as responsible corporate citizens and ESG leaders with their sustainability program.


Building on 50 years of experience to tackle future challenges

Carnival Cruise Line has been a leader in the cruise industry for half a century. Carnival’s VP of Technical Operations looks at the recent challenges and how the cruise operator is preparing for a decarbonized, digitalized future.


Partnership with DNV key in RCLs return to service

Which challenges did cruise operators face during the pandemic? In our second article Captain Patrik Dahlgren from Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. (RCL) talks about the efforts it takes to lay up a complete fleet, RCL’s return to operation plan, and how to decide which of the evolving infection prevention technologies to utilize. For all these essential decisions they had DNV at their side for support.


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Carnival Cruise Line expands cooperation with DNV

  Looking back on a successful business relationship of many years, Carnival Cruise Line and DNV have agreed to give their cooperation an additional dimension: CCL’s new HESS (Health, Environment, Safety and Sustainability) Excellence programme.

Looking back on a successful business relationship of many years, Carnival Cruise Line and DNV have agreed to give their cooperation an additional dimension: CCL’s new HESS (Health, Environment, Safety and Sustainability) Excellence programme.

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Webinars Cruise segment


Webinar: Battery Power for Cruise Vessels & Yachts

May 25, 2022 - Battery technology has developed rapidly since first being introduced to the maritime industry and is now considered as a viable alternative power system for ship.


Webinar: Yachts sailing with zero emissions

October 27, 2021 - Best fuel strategies and options, owners can select to increase the sustainability of their yacht operations reducing their environmental footprint.

DNV-USCG collaboration improves safety

DNV has been present in the United States for 125 years, and during this time, we have developed a close, collaborative relationship with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). Beyond our authorization to provide statutory survey and certification services on behalf of the USCG, we work together to improve safe cruise operations in the United States.

  April 27, 2022

April 27, 2022

At Seatrade 2022, CDR Jason Kling accepted, on behalf of the USCG Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise (CSNCOE), an award from DNV for outstanding innovation with the Cruise Ship Safety Scorecard and the USCG CSNOE’s leadership, support, and continuous efforts to improve safety in the cruise industry.

  September 9, 2022

September 9, 2022

DNV Miami Cruise Center experts contributed to panel discussions during the USCG’s recent Cruise Industry Day. Pictured at the event