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Excellence begins with a common understanding

Building and running a yacht demands excellence. With DNV at your side, you have a classification partner.

The past decade has brought an increasing degree of sophistication in the design and construction of sailing and motor yachts. Exciting prospects for yacht owners, and a big challenge for naval architects and yards.

As yachting has become more competitive and prestigious, increasing emphasis has been placed on size, speed, maneuverability, overall performance and passenger comfort. In this more complex environment, owners not only want value for money but are also concerned about safety issues. This is where DNV  comes in.

What DNV has to offer

DNV is your one-stop shop Partner for a broad spectrum of certification and classification services. Hulls, masts and rigging – everything can be checked and certified by DNV.

A DNV class certificate is only awarded if a sailing or motor yacht meets the highest safety standards.

Our comprehensive examination process covers:

  • Examination of design drawings
  • Ongoing supervision of construction process
  • Use of DNV -tested or -approved materials and components
  • DNV -approved production methods and surveillance
  • Proof of workshop qualifications (e.g. FRP)
  • Qualifications of yard personnel
  • DNV surveys at five-year intervals

DNV GL sail boat

DNV services

DNV provides certification service for hulls, rigs and series constructions to the same high standards as DNV classification. We can perform tonnage measurement and certification on behalf of vessel’s Flag and also on behalf of USCG (as per their TG 1 CH-2).

  • Hull construction certificate: FRP, steel, aluminum or wood – DNV has the expertise to test and approve these materials as well as the relevant manufacturing procedures.
  • Rigs: DNV is hitherto the only society to have introduced guidelines for approving large rigs on modern yachts – with a particular focus on carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) masts. The benefits are seen in confirmation of structural integrity and service reliability. Some insurance companies now demand DNV certification of CFRP rigs.
  • Series construction: DNV examines and tests the hull, rigging, machinery, electrical installations and closures of a series prototype before issuing a class certificate. With series production also subject to systematic supervision, both yard and future owner benefit from DNV’s thoroughness.
  • Statutory certification: DNV is authorized by over 130 flag state administrations to perform statutory services on their behalf. Our global network of approval centers and over 300 stations make us stand out from the rest.
  • CE certification: Yachts of between 2.5 and 24 meters in length (CE certification) are certified on the basis of the EC Directive 94/25/EC. These services are available for all certification modules.
  • ISAF certification: All racing yachts sailing under ISAF provisions in Categories 0, 1 and 2 are obliged to provide plan review certification of structural integrity. DNV is a notified body for certification of racing yachts below and above 24 meters in hull length.
  • IMO Polar Code: For yachts operating in polar waters that have to comply with the new IMO Polar Code, DNV’s polar expert team can assist during the approval process to find the best ships specific solutions and can issue the Polar Ship Certificate.
  • ERS™ – Emergency Response Service: DNV  provides calculation intelligence for stability and structural strength to support vessels in an emergency and damage case. ERS™ is available 24/7.

We also offer the following services:

  • DNV Maritime Academy, Americas offers dedicated yacht training
  • DNV Class with dedicated rules
  • Alternative fuels expertise
  • Highest safety standards
  • Noise & vibration control
  • Digital and cyber security solutions

Bigger and more sophisticated yachts present a tough technical challenge to architects and engineers. DNV has the experience and expertise required to support them in all structural safety matters and, at the same time, set an owner’s mind at rest. For a long time now, DNV has been examining and checking the design and construction of sailing and motor yachts.

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