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Offshore Wind Vessels in U.S.

DNV your trusted voice for Offshore Wind services

Selecting the right partner to work with in the emerging U.S. offshore wind industry will assist you in overcoming the related challenges. DNV has 30+ years of experience in supporting offshore wind development and involvement in over 97% of all offshore wind projects globally. You can benefit from the leading experts and expertise in this industry.
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DNV in the U.S. since 1898

For your Jones Act vessels, DNV is fully Authorized by the USCG to perform class and statutory services. With nearly 125 years of operations in the Americas, DNV has a strong partnership with the USCG. Through the additional authorization DNV has under the Alternate Compliance Program (ACP), vessel owners and shipyards benefit from a reduced regulatory burden while maintaining safety and increasing flexibility in the construction and operation of U.S. flag vessels.

  • Authorized by USCG as a Recognized Organization (RO) and an Authorized Class Society (ACS)
  • Recognized by USCG for advancing maritime safety & innovation and for providing excellent contributions to USCG Marine Safety Center
  • 2,300  people employed in the United States
  • 1,200 U.S. citizens permanently employed 
  • 43 U.S. offices across the country

About DNV wind standards and guidelines

Growth and development of offshore wind in the U.S. benefits from a basis of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the offshore wind sector. DNV has participated in nearly every offshore wind project having taken place globally, since the first offshore engineering study was issued in 1993. With the over 25 standards and/or guidelines published to date, you benefit from DNV’s industry-leading expertise, knowledge, and experience in all aspects of the offshore wind project lifecycle, from feasibility to operations.

DNV has a Global reach with local application

Through DNV’s global footprint, supported by European experience and over 2,000 Maritime and Energy experts, we combine industry expertise, multi-disciplinary skills, and innovation to solve complex technical issues in challenging environments. With our 2,300 local resources in the U.S., of which 1,200 are U.S. citizens, you benefit from a vast local network with knowledge & experience in major ports and at shipyards on all three U.S. coasts.

Maritime Impact: Our expertise in stories

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  Offshore wind: New horizons demand new approach to operations

Offshore wind: New horizons demand new approach to operations

With space for traditional offshore wind farms dwindling, the offshore wind industry is moving into new territory, further offshore and in harsher environments with less forgiving seabed conditions.

  Standardized solutions help yards achieve cost-effective floating wind construction

Standardized solutions help yards achieve cost-effective floating wind construction

Floating wind will create substantial opportunities for yards, vessel operators, offshore companies and many new players.

  Offshore wind power expands globally

Offshore wind power expands globally

The offshore wind market is growing constantly in size and power output. While north-western Europe continues to lead in terms of installed offshore power, Asia-Pacific is catching up, with China setting the most ambitious targets.

  NEXUS takes action

NEXUS takes action

In the NEXUS consortium, key players in the offshore wind energy market are jointly developing concepts for future crew transfer and service operation vessels that will cut maintenance costs and emissions to air.

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FAQs DNV responds

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Use DNV for U.S. Flag Ships

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Floating offshore wind turbines installations


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