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Offshore wind vessels' services for the U.S.

DNV your trusted voice for Offshore Wind Vessel services

For an emerging market with as much complexity as that of the U.S. Offshore Wind Industry, having a reliable partner with experience matters. Add to the mix the ever-increasing focus from national and state governments on renewable energy infrastructure on all four coasts and it’s clear there is room for a significant ramp-up of offshore wind in the U.S. DNV is one of the organizations that has been working in offshore wind in Europe alongside operators there since the beginning, as the recognized leader with 35% market share in offshore wind vessels.

You will benefit from our 30+ years of experience in nearly all offshore projects in Europe and expanding to Asia and the U.S. We understand what goes into making a project a success and take a broader view to support all aspects of vessel operations, from concept to construction, to the in-service phase and beyond.

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With the energy transition in full swing, owners, designers, and shipyards face ever-increasing pressure to deliver and operate the safest, smartest, and greenest vessels ever built. In the offshore wind sector, this is even more evident, as the push towards decarbonization takes center stage and the integrated systems onboard these vessels become even more complex. Today, the vessels supporting the offshore wind industry push the boundaries of technology, and come with high expectations in terms of capability, technology, and safety. To this aim, you can benefit from DNV’s classification rules and standards encompassing the industries’ most advanced and forward-looking rules addressing these issues to help vessel owners and operators meet and exceed these expectations.
  • Plan Approval

    To ensure the most efficient plan approval process, DNV utilizes a fully electronic and web-based drawing approval process. As market share leader DNV’s extensive experience in classing offshore wind vessels enables our plan approval experts to perform detail review of critical technical items while at the same time maintaining a holistic view of the ship as complete integrated system and it’s intended total functionality.
  • Certification of Materials and Components

    A successful newbuilding project starts and ends with a smooth and efficient certification experience with vendors providing materials and components. DNV’s certification of materials and components ensures that those items are delivered to the shipyard with the correct certification, are manufactured according to the rules, and ensure safe and efficient operation of the vessel. As technologies onboard offshore wind vessels continues to develop, DNV is your partner to ensure that the delivery of those systems will be compliant.
  • Site Newbuilding

    DNV takes a modern and transparent approach to newbuilding approval and survey. To do so, DNV has introduced industry first new digital tools and technologies and this approach significantly enhances the transparency, consistency, quality and efficiency of the classification process. DNV applies a holistic view of the newbuilding project and systematically performs surveys based on knowledge and experience with the yard, knowledge of similar newbuilding projects, and the yard's plans. This new survey approach improves the quality and effectiveness of our classification services and at the same time minimizes interruptions to the yard’s newbuilding process.
  • Ships In Operation

    The offshore wind industry demands the highest levels of uptime and are continuously measured by the efficiency to deliver quality services. To ensure your continued success, and minimize disruption, DNV takes a similar holistic view of ships in operation from class and statutory perspective. During fleet in service surveys, DNV takes advantage of its broad history and extensive experience with offshore wind vessels and focuses on those items that matter most to safety and efficiency at sea. Credit is also given to good quality performance and is another way in which DNV aims to minimize disruption to your vessels.

Maritime Advisory Services

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  Noise & Vibration

Noise & Vibration

We help ensure comfort, mitigate damage risks and reduce environmental impact to give you a safe vessel.

  Dynamic station-keeping capability analysis

Dynamic station-keeping capability analysis

We help determine the operational window in which your vessel can perform its tasks safely and efficiently by maintaining its position and heading.

  Cyber security

Cyber security

Benefit from tailored DNV solutions for maritime cyber security addressing systems, software, procedures and human factors

  Structural analysis of ships

Structural analysis of ships

We help to identify potentially critical areas of a ship’s hull structure and assist in mitigating the associated risks

  Shipyard Assessment

Shipyard Assessment

By combining DNV’s yard assessment technique with the knowledge from our global network of surveyors for offshore wind vessels, we support vessel owners in identifying and mitigating risks before construction of complex vessels. Service page coming soon!

  Safety culture development / enhancement:

Safety culture development / enhancement:

We support you in taking a proactive approach to safety that considers the connection between man, technology and your organization.

  Navigational risk assessment:

Navigational risk assessment:

Our expert assessment supports safe navigation, thus the protection of your assets and meeting requirements.

  Environmental technology and alternative fuels

Environmental technology and alternative fuels

We deliver feasibility studies, technology qualification and in-depth analysis of the real-life use of compliance solutions, including fuel strategy decision support as well as GHG strategy support

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