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Part 2 of this 2-part series focuses on how aligning with and implementing ISO 37001 helps prepare for the new US government Strategy for Countering Corruption. The speakers (Worth MacMurray, Patrick Kelkar, and Jeff Witte) will cover what ISO 37001 is, what its components are, and its benefits. Lastly, we review strategy priorities and related ISO 37001 coverage – with particular emphasis on due diligence. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Awareness of ISO 37001’s structure and components and how it addresses the Strategy’s priorities.
  • Awareness of how ISO 37001 alignment, and the steps involved, differs from ISO 37001 certification and its process
  • Appreciation of anti-bribery operational and enforcement priority areas 
  • Enhanced understanding of a primary anti-bribery priority area – due diligence

Anti-Bribery’s Increasing Importance - Part II: Preparing for the New US Anti-Bribery Enforcement Environment

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