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Workplace Violence continues to be a concern for many employers and employees. Today's workforce can be prepared through regular education and scenario-based training programs that shed light on the guiding principles and best practices for Workplace Violence Prevention.

In honor of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Preparedness Month (September), participants in this webinar will learn key lessons on preparedness identified as a result of one of the most complex active shooter incidents in modern times. Using the 2013 Washington Navy Yard case study (also known as the Navy Yard Shooting) experts, one of whom was among those first on the scene, will highlight preventative practices and policies to protect the workforce, as well as training necessary to mitigate such a threat.  Lessons from case studies, such as the Navy Yard, continue to highlight a compelling need for an enhanced awareness of behavioral indicators, the cultivation of a culture of engagement, and the importance of an educated and empowered workforce that can act without hesitation if an incident occurs. A preparedness mindset, which enables the confidence to assess and to respond without hesitation, is critical when seconds can be the difference between surviving and saving lives.

Discussion Topics:

  • The criticality of having a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan
  • The value of regular exercises and drills
  • What employers can do to implement workplace safety measures during September’s National Preparedness Month and throughout the year

Workplace Violence: A Case Study In Preparedness Presentation Materials


Workplace Violence: A Case Study In Preparedness Webinar Presentation


Q&A Document from the Workplace Violence: A Case Study In Preparedness Webinar