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Thank you for your interest in DNV - Business Assurance events. Ever feel like your ISO based Quality Management System is an overwhelming pile of needless documents filled with complicated redundancy resulting in chaos and confusion?  Does keeping up with your Quality Management System seem like an unending tunnel of darkness?  Do you ever wish there was an easier and more effective way to address and satisfy ISO based Quality Management System requirements? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have fantastic news for you…first, you are not alone, and second this webinar will answer most of your questions.  In our “Taking the stress out of your QMS” webinar you will learn practical ways to:

  • Document the foundation of your quality management system in a more user and audit friendly format
  • More efficiently evaluate your QMS process performance and overall effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  • Create an annual QMS cycle to more easily address the “Non-Operational” ISO/QMS requirements
  • Satisfy multiple different ISO elements with a single resource
  • Identify and eliminate the most common points of stress in a Quality Management System

Taking the stress out of your QMS Presentation Materials

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