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Business Assurance

As a world-leading certification body, we work with companies to assure the performance of their organisations, products, people, facilities and supply chains through certification, verification, assessment and training.

Our organization

We have a network of 2,000 employees in 50 countries.

We deliver certification, assessment, verification and training services to assure the performance of companies’ organisations, persons, products, facilities and supply chains.  

Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team is the CEO’s management team, dealing with strategic issues, budgeting, planning and operations. Members are:

  • Luca Crisciotti, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jahn Henry Løvaas, Executive Director for Europe & Americas
  • Nikolaus Kim, Executive Director for Asia, Middle East & Africa
  • Barbara Frencia, Finance Director
  • Yngvar Sjoner, Human Resources Director
  • Stefano Crea, Industries Director
  • Emanuele Sevà, Market Director
  • Shahram Ghaem Maralani, Technology & Services Director

Regional managers

  • Anders Lindgren, ​North America ​
  • Adriano Duarte, Central & South America
  • Massimo Berlin, ​Northern Europe
  • ​Per Ove Øyberg, ​Central Europe
  • ​Nicola Privato, ​Southern Europe
  • ​Alireza Ramin Majd, ​Middle East & Africa
  • George Kang, Greater China
  • Percy Lakdawalla, Asia & Pacific
  • Prakash Tikare, India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh


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