Training - get a head start

Why every business should consider ISO Certification

1. Public Training  Attending public training can give you the support you require in gaining ISO certification. Public training is usually 1 to 2 days depending on the course you wish to chose. Multiple members of your team can join.   

2. Tailored training
  Depending on your requirements we can also tailor training that is unique to your needs. One of our trainers will prepare a customised package and present this to the team.        

3. Gap analysis and workshop
  A gap analysis is conducted by an auditor who will assess the readiness of your management system against the standard requirements. The report can be used as a tool in a facilitated workshop where you learn about the changes and get a common understanding on where you are.  In the workshop you will work hands-on with the process, making a list on what actions are needed, who is responsible and deadlines for when the actions are to be carried out.