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The science of safety

With 300 offices in 100 countries, we are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the global healthcare community, delivering its performance improvement services with both international and local expertise. Our employees speak your language and know your local needs, healthcare system, and customs.

About our standards

DNV's standards reflect the science of safety and provide practical insight into what makes standards meaningful and effective, using both a prescriptive and performance-based approach. Our standards in the United States are recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid for deemed status to satisfy requirements for hospitals. They integrate the ISO quality management approach, enabling an organization to be better managed, more efficient and focused on patient centered care.  

Our international standard for hospitals builds on these standards, taking into account local legislative requirements and cultural needs. The standards assess clinical and patient safety requirements combined with ISO quality management system principles and emphasize a proactive risk management approach to reducing risk and harm to patients. ​

Trusted partner

We also rate public healthcare trusts in England on behalf of NHS Litigation Authority, is recognized by the Ministry of Health in Slovenia to meet its local requirements for quality and reimbursement, and has established partnership with the China National Health Research & Development Centre in risk management for the Chinese healthcare reform.

Building on our extensive experience in biorisk and infection control, ​we have recently developed the first international infection risk management standard for hospitals. Additionally, as healthcare organizations face increasingly complex and risky environments, the need to gain trust and confidence in specific operations, such as IT security, energy efficiency, laboratory operations,  reputation, and food safety becomes more important to stakeholders and the public. ​

We are your one-stop  partner who can assist you in developing your unique pathway to quality and  sustainable patient centered, safer care for your organisation, using world recognized ISO standards.

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