DNV Healthcare Directory

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Kelly Proctor, President, Operations

Micah Rehm, Vice President, Operations

Brennan Scott, Program Manager, System Surveys

Michelle Coalson, Program Manager, Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Tom Quinn, Program Manager, Psychiatric Accreditation & Advisory Board Liason


Business Development

Scott Mason, Executive Director, Business Development


Collaborative High Reliability Services

Tammy Allen, Executive Director, Collaborative High Reliability Services


Program Certifications

Ronell Myburgh, Executive Director, Program Certifications

Tiffany Burgess, Cybersecurity SME

Leslie Lloyd, Infection Prevention & Sepsis Management SME

Jeremy Gibson-Roark, Sterile Processing SME

Natalie Gosselin, Glycemic Management & Palliative Care SME

Renee Cecil, Cardiac SME

Dawn Ellington, Orthopedic & Adult Spine SME

Adam Farbott, Pediatric Spine SME


Regulatory Affairs

Troy McCann, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs

Clint Butts, Standards Application & Interpretation Specialist

Nicole Hedeen, Standards Application & Interpretation Specialist

Anne Marie Pizzi, Standards Application & Interpretation Specialist

Jodi Gray RN, Supervisory Review Manager

Jillian Burba, Manager of Regulatory Affairs

John Cooke, Certification Manager

Lisa Job RN, Regulatory Manager for Complaints


Stroke Certification Services

Cathie Abrahamson, Executive Director, Stroke Certification Services


Training & Education

Simile Miller, Executive Director, Training & Education

Charles Conway, Training Manager, NIAHO & ISO

Don Metcalfe, Training Manager, CHOP & PE Education

Jeremy Gibson-Roark, Training Manager, CHIPP & Clinical Education

Kyle Patrick, Internal Training Manager