Stress measurement and monitoring

Need to find a damage root cause or quantify the fatigue life of your asset? We help you make the right decisions based on reliable data.

To ensure the integrity of any structure, it is essential to measure stress and strain over a longer period, particularly for wave-loaded structures. Sensors need to be placed in critical areas, but how many and where?

We at DNV offer precise solutions for reliable and cost-effective measurements for all kinds of ships and structures.

Whether for troubleshooting, stress monitoring, root cause analysis or real-time decision support, we tailor our services to your needs:

  • Consultation for hull monitoring concepts and routing systems
  • Performance of on-board and on-site measurements
  • Planning, installation and servicing of computer-controlled multichannel, long-term monitoring systems
  • DNV Hull HMON (Hull Monitoring) class notation – real-time warning levels and routing assistance, currently used by nearly 100 vessels

Our stress measurements are based on strain gauge technology. However, if necessary, we use a variety of further measurement techniques to record other relevant parameters. These may include sea-keeping motions, vibrations, operational data and wave characteristics.

We cooperate closely with DNV structural analysts to ensure theoretical studies of measurement concepts or repair proposals can be performed at short notice. 

Get reliable stress measurement  and monitoring data for effective decision-making from DNV:

  • Profit from optimisation of development loops for similar designs
  • Reduce the downtimes of your asset thanks to targeted troubleshooting combining in-situ measurements and state-of-the-art theoretical analyses
  • Minimise repair costs by reliably identifying and supressing damage root causes
  • Gain assistance in making decisions on maintenance needs and the necessary actions to extend the lifetime of your asset
  • Ensure the smooth and safe operation of your asset by using decision support systems based on real-time load and stress measurements
  • Cooperate with experts fluent in the applicable standards, rules and regulations
  • Use the experience and resources of one of the world’s leading advisors on the integrity of structures exposed to marine environments