The new StowLash3D software is the world’s first tool ever which calculates the strength of the container lashing system based on a three-dimensional finite element model.

StowLash3D is a quick and easy-to-learn software tool which calculates the strength of the container lashing system for any stack, based on DNV’s rules.

The software is very flexible. It is not only possible to calculate external or internal lashing systems in any configuration, including vertical lashings, the software also considers different lashing system on both ends of the container. The user is able to reproduce a real lashing case in the software with no need for conservative simplifications.

The accelerations are calculated in accordance with our rules Pt. 5, Ch. 2, Sec. 8. 

The container securing system is calculated in a completely three-dimensional finite element calculation model. Twistlock gaps and dynamic effects are considered directly in the calculation. The three-dimensional container models are calibrated based on full-scale tests. As the container is represented in the calculation model by its complete strength characteristics, StowLash3D delivers much more physically correct results for loads within the stack than traditional calculation methods, where each stack end is treated separately without interaction.

The intuitive graphical user interface has been designed to be as easy as possible to use. StowLash3D ensures high efficiency when calculating the entire score of container stacks. All stacks are conveniently stored and managed within one file. 

Your benefits with StowLash

  • Highly sophisticated and reliable acceleration assumptions – available quickly and easily
  • Easy-to-understand graphical interface, with results also shown in tabular form
  • Option to create report for detailed documentation of the calculated stacks
  • Built-in automatic updater provides convenient installation of further releases
  • Our Software Development Kit (SDK) can be easily integrated into third-party software
  • Both the StowLash3D software and the SDK are free of charge

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