Shaft torsional vibrations service

We support you in selecting components and systems for an optimal design, smooth operation and minimum downtime.

Design optimisations often focus purely on saving operational costs. Combined with poor assumptions and limited knowledge, this may be detrimental to the safety of the vessel or offshore unit.

We have specialist expertise in performing machinery simulations for shafting design assistance or damage investigations. In combination with in-situ measurements, simulations are used to identify the root cause of problems, to test solutions for increasing the lifetime of machinery, and to eliminate future unexpected repair and maintenance costs.

Performing integrated machinery simulations ensures operations with minimum trouble and off-hire through:

  • Performance evaluations confirming system functionality and fitness for purpose, identifying possibilities and limitations such as barred speed ranges required, and with an optimal scope of in-situ testing
  • Proper component selection to avoid normally good components constituting a poor system, caused by dynamic phenomena such as interference or beating with inherent natural frequencies of the shafting system
  • Optimised shafting design and machinery operation with  more flexible propulsion lines for easier shaft alignment, with a minimum of bearing loads, in flexible hulls

We also perform numerical simulations of steady-state and transient torsional shaft dynamics, including propeller ice loads, to evaluate system functionality and fitness for purpose – for the maritime, offshore oil & gas and land-based industries.

Accurate results, expert solutions – rely on DNV:

  • Ensure reduced downtime with our concise way of analysing a power plant, a propulsion system or other machinery systems
  • Get a wider functionality assessment of the machinery system for accurate findings and solutions
  • Ensure the necessary confidence between market players, thanks to our scientific approach and appropriate corrective actions

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Benefit cases

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