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A new risk agenda is emerging, bringing with it new demands on your business and how it is managed. Stakeholders undoubtedly expect clear management of safety, health and the environment. But mere compliance with legal requirements for safety, health and environment (SHE) performance is no longer sufficient for forward-thinking organizations. At DNV, we can help you safely and responsibly improve your business performance. ​


Our customized and integrated SHE risk management solutions can help you increase safety and environmental performance, ensure sustainable development, improve financial performance and enhance reputation.


We assist you to manage your SHE risks throughout the life cycle of your projects and operations. From idea conception through option screening, development, operation, change and culmination, we deliver tactical business support.

Our customized and integrated solutions can help you:

  • Increase safety and environmental performance
  • Ensure sustainable development
  • Improve financial performance
  • Enhance reputation.

Working with us, you share in DNV’s reputation for independence and integrity, and our worldwide network provides you with up-to-date, best-practice advice.

Our approach

Our approach balances economic, social and environmental objectives. The traditional idea of value creation is redefined from purely maximizing economic return to the shareholders, to the wider agenda of honoring the interests of society at large. By applying risk based methods, in-depth industry insight and advanced software tools, we ensure that threats are identified and risks are managed in a cost-effective manner. DNV works with you to develop, implement, maintain and continually improve best practices in managing safety, health and environmental (SHE) risks.

Our expertise

DNV combines technical expertise and advanced risk methodologies with management consulting skills to form a new and different type of consulting service provider. Our cross-disciplinary team of highly qualified engineers, economists, psychologists and human factors experts, supported by an excellent portfolio of risk assessment software, provides a unique ability to offer risk management services to cover your needs. We serve international clients from offices around the world. We invest heavily in research and development, working closely with industry and safety, health and environmental authorities.​​

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