Numerical wave basin service

We use leading methodology for advanced CFD simulations to replace or complement expensive model test campaigns.

Do you have a novel ship or offshore installation design? Model testing can be expensive and may not be viable at the design stage. You need a new solution that can provide answers early in the concept development phase.

We are world-leaders in numerical wave tank solutions, and thus have the expertise you need to profit from cost-efficient and accurate hydrodynamic load and response testing. We have extensive experience within a large variety of maritime and offshore application areas.

Numerical wave basin is already a vital tool in marine hydrodynamics. To remain at the forefront of this development, we are investing in bringing on the very best engineers and experts. So you’re assured of the very best competence and reliability.

Customised Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Our CFD methods are specially customised to numerical wave basin applications and the testing of your design. Our main expertise is within fluid-structure interaction, e.g. motions and loads on marine structures, fixed or floating. We have the experience and knowledge to conduct studies with the appropriate accuracy you need.

Advanced analyses replacing or complementing model tests

Numerical wave basin is becoming a relevant alternative to model tests in many areas. It also serves as the ideal complement to model tests, as it provides a second means of validation in a perfectly controlled environment. It can also uncover different challenges as well as benefits. The result is added accuracy and design confidence.

Save time and money with numerical wave basin from DNV:

  • Fast trouble-shooting by experts who know what to look for
  • For some applications, acquire accurate data for a lower price and in a shorter time compared to model testing
  • The ideal complement to model testing for reliable validation
  • Better model test design when the test scope is decided, based on simulations
  • A hassle-free, streamlined processes from a single source with a dedicated contact person