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Medical-Grade Infection Prevention For Business

My Care: Assure your company’s infection risk management maturity and build stakeholder trust.

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This methodology comes from our experience accrediting and certifying more than 640 US hospitals over the past decade. This incorporates priceless learning combined with our 150+ years as a global risk management company.  

My Care measures the maturity of your infection risk prevention and mitigation measures, providing valuable knowledge and deep insights into your company’s performance. Ensuring that your operations are ready enabling you to re-open and continue business with confidence. The independent assessment reassures the public, your customers and employees of your company’s ability to address infection risks. This message is effectively communicated using the dedicated digital My Care trust mark and a validated statement report stored on blockchain. ​In addition, you will receive an assessment that provides your company with more details and insight into where you can improve become more capable and further enhance resilience and trust.