MARPOL survey and certification service, advice

We provide statutory survey, advice and certification services based on MARPOL, IMO, flag state and port state specific national requirements for DNV-classed ships.

MARPOL 73/78 is an international convention for the prevention of pollution at sea. The convention includes regulations aimed at preventing and minimising pollution at sea from ships, and this includes both, accidental pollution and pollution from routine operations.

DNV supports the safety of your ship or offshore unit, even prior to design and construction, right to the end of its service life.

Immediately after the survey on board, we issue the required international certificates for proving environmental protection, such as:

  • IOPP Certificate (MARPOL I)
  • NLS Certificate (MARPOL II)
  • ISPP Certificate (MARPOL IV)
  • Garbage Certificate of Compliance (MARPOL V) 
  • IEE Certificate (MARPOL VI)
  • IAPP Certificate (MARPOL VI)
  • EIAPP Certificate (MARPOL VI and NOx Technical Code) for marine diesel engines (issued after final examination and approval)

Our well-trained and experienced surveyors and office staff involved in the different MARPOL statutory service processes are at your side. 

DNV maintains extensive technical and knowledge databases for IMO, EU, ILO, IACS, national flag states, environmental and safety requirements, enabling us to always be on top of regulatory developments.

We safeguard the uniform implementation of the relevant international and specific flag state requirements by maintaining close cooperation with all major flag states and other stakeholders.

We meet your needs without compromising on environmental safety:

  • Safeguarding compliance with mandatory requirements through our worldwide surveyor network and office personnel
  • Providing a sense of proportion when applying statutory requirements
  • Assistance in technical discussions with flag state administrations for newbuildings and fleet in service.

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