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Hospital accreditation

Quality accreditation - consistent, collaborative, continuously improving. We know a hospital isn't just a building; it is a place where individuals and families seek advice and comfort, and the occasional miracle. Above all, it is a place where excellence is the minimum expectation and where a mistake can change your life in a heartbeat.

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How is the DNV accreditation process different?

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What if you could avoid the mad rush of survey preparation every three years?

With the DNV approach to hospital accreditation, you can skip the tri-annual ritual of survey preparation. Your hospital is consistently survey ready - every day of every year.  Our customers are surveyed on an annual basis precisely for this reason. We have worked in hospitals and know the frustration and panic which can set in as your survey window approaches. That environment is not healthy for staff morale or for patient care.  By surveying annually, we help you maintain quality of care and a positive organizational culture of constant readiness.


What is a collaborative survey process? 

Our accreditation provides you a collaborative relationship with our surveyors. They have been on both sides of the accreditation process and understand the challenges you face. Quality of patient care is always the first priority. Our surveyors educate staff on the standards as they survey.  

Continuous improvement

How does incorporating ISO 9001 in the accreditation process benefit hospitals?

Establishing a consistent approach to quality is only the first step. In healthcare, we are always looking for ways to improve the care provided to our patients.  This is where the ISO 9001 Quality Management System helps. The ISO principles guide you on a journey of continuous improvement. Implementing these principles can streamline your quality management program, help you identify areas of risk, and maintain a more unified culture.