Enterprise Risk Management

Complexity, uncertainty and change are prevalent within all business functions. As a consequence, the risk profile of every enterprise is constantly changing and evolving. DNV can help you identify, understand and manage each of the component risks, in order to maximize opportunities and avoid or mitigate losses.


Enterprise risk management (ERM) can increase the value of your enterprise by:

  • Supporting decision-making
  • Reducing surprises
  • Increasing the ability to meet your objectives.

Reduction of risk, and increased capability to realize objectives will increase investor, customer and media confidence in the business. Over time this will result in lower cost of capital and higher market value.


Our approach leads to the robust management of risks throughout all phases of an enterprise's activities. This results in benefits such as: 

  • A clear understanding of the risks which could impact the enterprise and how these may be manifested
  • Robust and well implemented systems for managing the risks
  • Employees who integrate risk management into their normal activities
  • Demonstration of risk management performance to stakeholders
  • Confidence that the risk profile is understood and being monitored in accordance with the enterprise’s risk management plan.

Our approach

The techniques used to manage risks will vary depending upon the nature of the risks and level at which they are being addressed. As a result, generic solutions can rarely be applied.

Our approach is to understand the specific issues impacting an enterprise, then to design a bespoke solution to address the hierarchy of risks, both in terms of people and systems.

Our expertise

Enterprise risk management enables you to systematically identify, balance and control your portfolio of business risks, aligning your risk profile with your risk appetite.

DNV understands risk at all levels from the detailed technical through to long-term business strategy. Our skilled facilitators work with your entire organization to provide the desired systematic overview.

Combining technical and business understanding we focus on delivering value-adding solutions. Our cross-disciplinary teams of highly qualified personnel serve clients around the world using state-of-the-art risk technology.​



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