Digitalize facility assets for easier control and management

Going digital with your assets makes for an easier life. Get a complete and timely inventory update, taking complexity out of technical due diligence, maintenance and reporting.

Digitalizing of your facility assets opens a whole new world. Knowing your inventory in detail and the exact location of every asset lets you navigate and manage your assets with confidence and control. Pinpoint the exact location of every asset with our geolocation technology, easily update inventory and efficiently manage omissions, disposals and movements.

With 2D or 3D digital buildings plans, you can quickly replicate drawings or share your building externally. Let others browse your buildings remotely, making external validation and due diligence more easily accessible and efficient. It can help you manage technical compliance and enables instant transparency and reporting.


  • Save time on every technical due diligence mapping which can be done remotely.
  • Save cost on technical due diligence, inventory mapping and reporting.
  • Easily share floor plans and replicate an entire factory building, for example.
  • Save time on asset updates.
  • Provide instant transparency to all stakeholders.
  • Build digital twins for predictive analysis of asset performance.

How to digitalize your assets

  • Decide on the scope of work. The first step is to decide which assets you want to digitalize, be it thermal systems, electrical or all.
  • Decide on how assets should be digitalized. Both 2D and 3D digitalization can be offered. The 2D model includes recording of asset characteristics (brand, model, installation and technical data). Having this data digitalized is necessary of data is to be used for regulatory compliance management.
  • Digitalize assets. A technical engineer will visit your plant(s). Depending upon the service chosen, he/she will us laser scanners, drones, camera or other technologies to model and digitalize every asset. The process is similar to a real estate technical due diligence. The engineer can map 3000-5000m2 per day for 2D digitalization, which includes recording of technical asset characteristics. For 3D, a total of 10000m2 per day can be digitalized.
  • Update your inventory. It is possible to update your inventory in real-time using the corresponding application on your tablet or smart phone. Replace an asset instantly to ensure that your inventory is always up to date.

Always know the location of your assets

The solution offered by DNV is distinct in that it uses smart tags and IoT to map the location of every asset. With this technology, you can pull up floorplans showing the exact location of every asset. You can easily navigate between assets, in a similar way to Google Maps.

Manage asset performance with digital twins

Digitalization of the assets and application of smart tags makes it possible to build accurate virtual models, i.e. a digital twin. Using Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, data can be captured on every asset’s operating environment, current condition and performance. This extends your control from an overview of inventory to a detailed understanding of each asset’s performance.  With the application of machine learning, historical data can be compared to the current condition of an asset to predict conditions that could lead to failure, for example.

Our offering

Customers can choose from:

  • Digitalization of assets, including geotagging:
    • 2D digitalization, including recording of asset characteristics
    • 3D digitalization
  • Application for asset management.

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