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Collaborative High Reliability™ and Collaborative Just Culture™

The first qualification and certification of High Reliability and Just Culture by a global independent audit organization

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Why Collaborative High Reliability™?
Peak Performance, a Competitive Advantage
Organizations across an array of industries seek highly reliable organization status. The reason for their goal is simple, they want to decrease the risk of incidents impacting the safety of staff and customers. Accomplishing their goal is often more challenging. Organizations find that defining high reliability, creating a plan, and validating their status is sometimes daunting.  We have created DNV’s Collaborative High Reliability™ (CHR) Qualification and Certification Program with these challenges in mind.

Our program offers a three-tiered approach. Each step builds on the tools and skills developed in the previous step.

  1. Collaborative Just Culture™ Program Qualification
    - Foster a culture of safety and trust by balancing accountability between individuals and the organization through evidence-based processes, tools, and programs.
  2. Reliability Management Team™ Qualification
    - Build an internal team of high-reliability experts who collaboratively develop a clear purpose, goals, and plan.
  3. Collaborative High Reliability™ Organization Certification
    - Demonstrate sustainable, predictable organizational reliability by building an Integrated Reliability Management System™.
 Collaborative High Reliability™ and Collaborative Just Culture™ are operational models that align every aspect of your organization to drive stakeholder engagement and high performance. Benefits to our model are:
  • A formal definition of the concepts of High Reliability and Just Culture
  • Guidance in developing tools for assessment and measurement
  • Independent, 3rd party audit
  • Certification validating your achievements
  • Creation of a high-performing culture that can be sustained over time
  • A competitive edge in your market and in your industry

The keys to this type of cultural transformation are intrinsically and extrinsically-based tools for assessment and implementation. Our program is built on the socio-technical, science-based principles pioneered by our partner, SG Collaborative Solutions.