Advisory in rail

Improve rail asset performance during operation and maintenance to support timely decision-making.

Lifecycle optimization management of rail assets is underpinned by an integrated approach to design, construction, operation and management. Definition, apportionment, implementation of system requirements and validation thereof must be combined with sound management of the supply chain. Major rail projects with complex stakeholder relationships require a thorough systems’ approach to succeed. Early management of safety, security and cybersecurity, human factors and EMC are key factors. In addition, rail stakeholders operating and maintaining the railway systems must address innovations and process changes for continued efficiency and safety to the end user. 

Rail has a transformative potential as it can impact a single commuter journey as much as it can affect a country’s wider economy. Faced with the ever-increasing demand for mobility and the effects of climate change, rail represents a sustainable long-term investment.

DNV can partner with you to:

  • Improve rail asset performance:
    • Railway Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM)
    • Railway Verification and Validation (V&V) at system, subsystem or component level
    • Railway Safety: risk analysis via a diversity of techniques and methodologies; management of system lifecycles and deliverables thereof (safety case, hazard log, etc.)
    • Optimization strategies for project/system interface, integration and change management, maintenance performance, running dynamics and lifecycle costs 
    • Expert advice on human factors, noise & vibration, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) & testing and running dynamics.
    • Systems engineering/integration support, within and without system boundaries (all interfaces)
    • Project management support
    • Support in developing and implementing Safety Management Systems for RU’s, IM’s and ECM’s
    • Operation performance optimization
    • Training


Trust must be built into every link, from data-based decision making, self-driving trains and unmanned traffic control and adoption of hydrogen for rolling stock or ensuring renewable energy sources. With DNV, you can ensure that interoperability, safety and security underpin every innovation – from design, implementation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of rail assets, including integration.

Why partner with DNV?

As an independent, third-party trusted voice, DNV combines rail domain knowledge with extensive safety management system expertise. We can help you throughout the rail journey, from compliance and risk assessments to certification. 

From safety to cyber security, from regulatory compliance to innovation, we can help you reduce risks, improve rail asset performance and decision making while introducing sound innovations for green growth.


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