Transition timeline for certificates and certification marks

From March 1, new customers will get the DNV-branded certificate and certification mark. Existing certificates and marks to be transitioned within 3-5 years.

DNV certification mark and certificate

DNV GL is changing brand name to DNV from the 1st of March. Certificates and certification marks have been redesigned to reflect the DNV brand. All new customers will get DNV-branded certificates and marks, while existing management system and product certificates continue to be valid. 

Guidelines are established for customers to transition at re-certification, which means:

1. Management system certificates and marks to be transitioned within 3-years. 

2. Product certificates to be transitioned within 5-years. 

Existing customers are not required to change/update marketing material or packaging immediately. “The transition should be as organic as possible, making it smooth and minimizing any waste. The DNV GL and DNV brands will continue to live side by side for a while, which is completely normal in such processes,” says Luisa Grottola, Global Communications Director in DNV GL.

For questions on the new certificates, marks or transition guideline, please contact your local unit or alternatively contact us here.