Houston hosts Maritime Battery Workshop

More than 80 attendees from industry in the USA and overseas gathered to discuss battery and hybrid technology and its application as a power system for ships. Speakers from industry organizations and the United States Coast Guard gave presentations and led discussions on the technical, commercial and regulatory aspects of battery use within the maritime industry.

DNV GL welcomes attendees to Houston headquarters for maritime battery seminar.
Recent developments in maritime battery technology could help ship owners and operator to reduce their vessels fuel consumption through optimizing power delivery and engine usage. To help shed some light on this emerging trend, a seminar on maritime battery and battery hybrid technology was held at our Houston headquarters. The benefits of the technology, including reduced costs and emissions, and improved ship performance and safety were discussed, as well as the key points that should be considered when selecting the right technology. The USCG and the Norwegian Maritime Authority also took part in the seminar to provide attendees with an update on the regulations that govern maritime battery installations.
Corvus Energy Inc. shares insight on the factors to consider when selecting the right battery technology.
“We have had a great response to the workshop. There is immense market interest in finding out how the shipping industry can make the most of battery and battery hybrid systems in ships and offshore units. Several US-based ship owners have expressed interest in evaluating the optimal solution for their particular operating profile and how the technology can be integrated into their existing assets, new assets, and the infrastructure network itself,” said Anthony Teo, Technology and Business Director, DNV GL Maritime Americas.
Industry speakers pose for a photo at the conclusion of the maritime battery seminar.
The following presenters contributed to the program:
Jorulf Nergard, ABB
Scott Dunbar, Cavotec
Brian Baker, Corvus Energy Inc.
Allan Grant, Corvus Energy Inc.
Benjamin Gully, DNV GL
Sverre Eriksen, DNV GL
Anthony Teo, DNV GL
Aubrey van der Hoven, PBES
Kolbjørn Berge, Norwegian Maritime Authority
Gaute Augestad, Rolls Royce Marine
Tony Teo, Sembcorp
Chris Toft, Siemens
Gordon Fry, Spear Power Systems
Matt Dalton, Transocean
LT Keven Kuhn, United States Coast Guard
LCDR Chad Robuck, United States Coast Guard
Kirk Plautz, ZAF
Anthony Teo

"There is immense market interest in finding out how the shipping industry can make the most of battery and battery hybrid systems."

  • Anthony Teo ,
  • Technology and LNG Business Development DirectorBusiness Development