High Reliability Certification is New Standard for Excellence

DNV launches Collaborative High Reliability™ (CHR) Qualification and Certification Program, the first comprehensive program to provide verification of high reliability status by a global independent audit organization.

CHR was developed to meet the challenges companies often face when seeking Highly Reliable Organization (HRO) status.  It integrates the concepts of High Reliability and Just Culture into a systematic approach that provides:

  • Formal definition of the concepts of High Reliability and Just Culture
  • Review of tools for assessment and measurement
  • Independent, 3rd party audit
  • Qualification and Certification to validate an organization’s achievements
  • Creation of a high-performing culture that can be sustained over time
  • A competitive edge in your market and in your industry

The program draws on socio-technical, science-based principles pioneered by DNV partner, SG Collaborative Solutions. With methodologies that emphasize sustainable culture change, it helps companies build consistent, high-performance organizations focused on safety, quality, and delivery.

“By creating a framework through which organizations can achieve and validate their accomplishments in High Reliability and Just Culture, we help to raise industry standards of safety and risk mitigation while furthering the integrity of organizations that strive to be their best,” said David Tellez, Regional Lead, DNV Supply Chain and Product Assurance.

Learn more about DNV’s Collaborative High Reliability™ Qualification and Certification Program by visiting the DNV website.

For DNV Supply Chain & Product Assurance

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