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DNV Staffers To Receive APIC Infection Control Awards


Citations Are For Adopting Healthcare Protocols to Cruise Ships

Leslie Lloyd and Jeremy Gibson-Roark, both surveyors for DNV Healthcare USA Inc. have been named 2021 Recipients of the Heroes of Infection Prevention Award by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC). They will receive their awards during APIC’s 2021 annual conference in Austin, Texas this month. 

Lloyd and Gibson-Roark were cited by APIC for their work adapting the rigorous infection prevention protocols DNV has spent years developing for hospital accreditation for the cruise ship sector. Such protocols will prove absolutely crucial as the cruise ship industry slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The cruise line industry had always had a specific approach to infection control that tended to be more reactive in nature. Our goal was to make it more proactive, as well as measure key quality indicators,” Gibson-Roark says. “I believe we have succeeded in accomplishing that.” 

DNV now offers Certification in Infection Prevention-Maritime (CIP-M), which validates the infection prevention practices of cruise ships from arrival at the terminal to cruise embarkation and return to shore (“curb to curb”). This certification has allowed numerous internationally renowned cruise lines and shipping companies to demonstrate their absolute dedication to safely returning to normal operations. 

DNV is also profoundly committed to ensuring that infection control is a top priority within hospitals. DNV Healthcare USA Inc. recently launched an Infection Prevention and Control Bootcamp. The rigorous multi-day program is designed to train all healthcare professionals in fundamental concepts and approaches to successfully manage an infection control and prevention. Those who complete the program and pass an examination will receive a certification in basic infection control and prevention from DNV. Information about the Bootcamp is available here

“It makes absolute sense from both economic and public policy standpoints to pursue this new line of business. I am extraordinarily proud of Leslie and Jeremy and the key roles they played in making this leap possible,” says Patrick Horine, President of DNV Healthcare USA Inc. DNV is a global company involved in numerous industry sectors. Enabled by its unique capabilities and broad experience, this opportunity brought together the business areas of Maritime and Healthcare within DNV to address a need for the cruise lines. 

DNV Healthcare USA Inc. has pioneered a roadmap for hospitals to improve the delivery of healthcare services at every level. Implementation of ISO 9001 quality management system allows hospitals to improve quality and enhance patient safety at every step of the care continuum. DNV has accredited more than 600 hospitals in all 50 states using this innovative approach that enables an organization to be better managed, more efficient and focused primarily on patient-centered care. 

“We want to identify innovative practices and approaches to address aspects that improve quality, efficiency and patient safety,” said David Tellez, DNV’s leader of Supply Chain and Product Assurance in the Americas. “Our success is attributable to the unique approach we take with our hospital customers to use the quality management system to their advantage.”