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DNV's Orthopaedic Centers of Excellence May Now Participate in Blue Distinction


The Program Improves Care And Reimbursement Opportunities

The Orthopaedic Center of Excellence designation from DNV Healthcare USA Inc. may now be used to obtain a Blue Distinction Specialty Care designation. Blue Distinction is recognized by the more than 30 BlueCross BlueShield health plans operating across the United States. 

“Obtaining a Blue Distinction designation for specialty care is considered critical for providers to compete in many markets across the U.S. Earning an Orthopedic Centers of Excellence designation is not only a way to ensure that a hospital’s quality of care, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction increase, it will ensure major payers will continue to refer patients to your institution,” said DNV Healthcare USA Inc. President Patrick Horine. 

Hundreds of hospitals across the United States have switched to DNV over the past decade, making it the nation’s fastest-growing accrediting body. DNV accredits/certifies thousands of healthcare organizations globally. 

The Center of Excellence designation is obtained by becoming certified by DNV in three of four orthopaedic specialties: Foot & Ankle Surgery, Hip & Knee Replacement, Spine Surgery and/or Shoulder Surgery. Among the various requirements, recipients must clearly outline their methodology, practice and related policies for addressing how quality and performance are measured, monitored, analyzed and continuously improved. The guidelines are informed by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. 

DNV recently held two informational webinars about the Orthopaedic Center of Excellence designation and the Blue Distinction program. They may be accessed here

DNV has pioneered a roadmap for hospitals to improve the delivery of healthcare services at every level. Implementation of its ISO 9001 quality management system allows hospitals to improve quality and enhance patient safety at every step of the care continuum. DNV has accredited and certified more than 600 hospitals in the United States using this innovative approach that enables an organization to be better managed, more efficient and focused primarily on patient-centered care. 

“We want to identify innovative practices and approaches to address aspects that improve quality, efficiency and enhance patient care,” said David Tellez, DNV’s leader of Supply Chain and Product Assurance in the Americas. “Our success is attributable to the unique approach we take with our hospital customers to use the quality management system to their advantage.”