DNV launches new training series: Certified Healthcare Infection Prevention Professional (CHIPP)

DNV has launched a new series of public healthcare trainings in the US geared towards infection prevention.

US, 20 July 2023 – DNV Healthcare USA has introduced its newest series of public courses for healthcare professionals: the Certified Healthcare Infection Prevention Professional (CHIPP) series. The new CHIPP series is the latest addition to DNV’s long line of training options for healthcare professionals to earn quality management credentials, which help them to deliver the highest quality of care to patients. CHIPP is designed to be both an individual certification program and useful training for anyone involved with or interested in infection prevention for healthcare.

CHIPP course content is specifically geared to infection preventionists new to their roles and individuals identified as organizational champions for infection prevention and control. This includes managers, supervisors and frontline staff of quality, environmental services, physical environment, and clinical departments. The CHIPP program will allow individuals to professionally demonstrate knowledge and understanding of their impact on and support for infection prevention and control.

The DNV CHIPP series will include two course offerings: a basic course (CHIPP-B) and an advanced course (CHIPP-A). While CHIPP-A is still under development, CHIPP-B is now open for registration to all healthcare and related industry professionals with a high school diploma or equivalent. CHIPP-B certification will be a pre-requisite for registering for and earning a CHIPP-A certification.

The CHIPP-B course is designed to include three days of in-person classroom training, followed by an electronic exam. Class attendance and a passing score of 80% or more on the accompanying CHIPP-B exam will allow registrants to become an official DNV-Certified Healthcare Infection Prevention Professional.

To register to become CHIPP-B certified, find the next available date here.

For further information or questions, contact us at dnvhc.training@dnv.com.