DNV Joins Blue Sky Maritime Coalition in Efforts to Reduce Emissions

bluesky maritime coalition

The Classification Society, DNV has joined as a supporting member of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition. This non-profit strategic alliance brings together maritime stakeholders across North America to address the challenge of climate change.

Blue Sky Maritime Coalition, a new non-profit strategic alliance, is committed to reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions in the maritime value chain. The North America-based organization brings together maritime stakeholders to facilitate collaboration through focused workstreams to identify, evaluate, encourage, and engage in commercial and technical pathways and projects that deliver significant near-term reductions in GHG emissions and lead to commercially viable net-zero emissions.

Concentrating on regional waterborne transportation in North America, the Coalition's focus complements other organizations' efforts, including that of supporting member DNV, which target decarbonization of the maritime industry.

A trusted voice

As a leader in the industry, DNV maintains that achieving the International Maritime Organization (IMO) GHG reduction targets is ambitious but possible and has been delivering insights for many years on how to best accomplish this through a variety of means, including through the company's Maritime Forecast to 2050 report. Designed to help the industry assess and prepare for the effects of regulatory and technological changes, the Maritime Forecast outlines a pathway to success which includes the application of currently immature technologies and solutions, the deployment of large volumes of zero-carbon or carbon-neutral sustainable fuels, and a sustainable transition.

Working together towards a common goal

DNV is no stranger to collaboration and has been striving to engage with industry stakeholders to tackle the challenges facing the industry. "For years, the DNV Maritime Forecast has stated that a major component to achieving the IMO targets for reducing greenhouse gases emissions from shipping is the collaborative actions from stakeholders across all aspects of the industry," said Antony DSouza, Executive Vice President and Regional Manager. "It is an honor for our Americas Region to represent DNV as a member of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition and to collaborate with like-minded organizations as we strive to fulfill our organization's purpose to safeguard life, property, and the environment."

blue sky maritime coalition - image

BSMC Board members during the launching ceremony. From Top left, clockwise: David Cummins, President; Directors David Grzebinski, Jennifer States and Ted Tregurtha, plus Karrie Trauth, Chairperson.