DNV Healthcare Outperforms Other Hospital Accrediting Organizations

Recent CMS Evaluation Validates Its Site Surveys Are More Accurate Than Its Major Competitors

DNV Healthcare USA Inc. performed significantly better than other hospital accrediting organizations in overall performance, according to the most recent report to Congress from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. 

CMS’ Center for Clinical Standards and Quality/Quality, Safety & Oversight Group concluded that DNV had by far the lowest disparity rate regarding surveys in fiscal year 2018, the most current year examined by the CMS. The disparity rate checks critical items missed on hospital surveys by the individual accrediting organizations. 

Not only was DNV’s overall disparity rate for acute care hospitals 43.5% lower than the other major hospital accrediting organization, its rate has been in decline over the past several years. Moreover, DNV’s disparity rate involving health and safety issues was less than one-fifth the rate of the other major accrediting organization, and it has also been in steady decline in recent years. 

“The CMS report echoes DNV’s mission all along – continuous quality improvement with a complete commitment to ensuring the safety of the hospitals we accredit to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs,” said Patrick Horine, President of DNV Healthcare USA Inc. 

Based on the ISO 9001 quality management system, DNV’s accreditation process for hospitals focuses on continuous quality improvement. DNV accreditation surveys also occur annually as opposed to every three years, keeping hospital management vigilant for ways to improve their operations. Moreover, the DNV approach toward corrective actions is open-ended rather than proscriptive, allowing hospitals to pursue a path toward accreditation that meshes with their own values and culture. 

Hundreds of hospitals across the United States have switched to DNV Healthcare over the past decade, making it the nation’s fastest-growing accrediting body. DNV accredits/certifies thousands of healthcare organizations globally. 

“We want to identify innovative practices and approaches to address aspects that improve quality, efficiency and enhance patient care,” said David Tellez, DNV’s leader of Supply Chain and Product Assurance in the Americas. “Our success is attributable to the unique approach we take with our hospital customers to use the quality management system to their advantage.”

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