DNV GL’s new digital journey takes a virtual cruise

VR Digital Twin_Cruise DNV GL

Digitalization and advanced technology solutions are the centre of DNV GL’s efforts to keep ships safe and help our customers enhance the efficiency of their assets. DNV GL’s digital journey presentation in virtual reality (VR) shows how the company is pushing ahead with the digital transformation to improve the quality and efficiency of its services, as well as the emerging solutions which are taking class into the future.

The new digital journey experience takes viewers on a tour of RCCL’s “Independence of the Seas”, a modern cruise ship, to demonstrate how advanced sensor technology, powerful satellite connections, and the digital data being created and transmitted from vessels will open up a new range of possibilities for shipping. 

The presentation shows how ship data can be combined with survey results and a 3D model of the ship to build a digital twin – a digital copy of a vessel, modelled to exactly represent its properties. It also demonstrates how this digital twin can be used to optimise the design, test how the networks on board respond to cyberattacks, and even identify when equipment needs maintenance. 

There are several ways to watch the video: For the full VR experience access the video with your mobile phone and VR goggles: Open this YouTube mobile video link on your smartphone, start the video, enlarge to full screen and select “VR Mode” (the icon looks like a pair of glasses). Insert your phone into a Google Cardboard or any other VR goggles. (Note: The quality of the images can vary, depending on the quality of your VR goggles or Cardboard. We had a good experience with the Samsung Galaxy smartphone combined with a Samsung Gear VR headset.)

On your desktop PC you can still watch the video in 360-degree view and navigate with your cursor: Start the video below (we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox) and enlarge it to full screen. Use your mouse to adjust the perspective while the film is running. You will be able to look in all directions at any time.