DNV GL Launches North American Offshore Equipment Manufacturers' Committee

NAOEMC members

DNV GL’s Center of Excellence for Drilling & Well Control Equipment recently hosted the inaugural gathering of the North American Offshore Equipment Manufacturers’ Committee (NAOEMC).

NAOEMC meeting
Nick Prokopuk, Antony DSouza, Herman DeJong, Nick Roper (DNV GL) presented a certificate of appointment as Chairman to Ian Friesen (NOV)

The NAOEMC is comprised of a group of industry experts and leaders that establish expectations and align the industry for future growth and development in offshore equipment manufacturing.

The formation and sponsorship of industry committees is a longstanding tradition within DNV GL. The current market situation is more conducive to establishing the NAOEMC, as all stakeholders recognize the shift to “work smarter, not harder” and see value in partnership and collaboration. “It is interesting to note that of all the years to start this committee, it happens during an unprecedented downturn in our industry,” concurred Ian Friesen, Technical Director at NOV. “I believe that the time we spent in discussion, spurred by the technical prowess of the individuals present, who represented companies in fierce competition with each other, allowed us to collaborate and jointly explore the innovations and trends for the future.”

These committees are widely known in the offshore industry. “The NAOEMC paves a path forward and duplicates the successes of the well-known DNV GL’s Rig Owners’ Committee,” noted Antony DSouza, DNV GL’s Regional Offshore Manager. “The only difference between the two groups is that our focus for the NAOEMC is centered on clients manufacturing offshore equipment,” DSouza continued. “We are extremely proud of the success of the Rig Owner’s Committee over the years and its influence in guiding the market. Duplicating this success for manufacturers of offshore equipment will drive the market forward and deliver much needed efficiencies and savings through adopting emerging technologies and practices.”

Changing the Market
Improving the overall efficiency throughout the industry will help the depressed market to recover sooner and deliver sustainable results. More than 80 participants at the inaugural NAOEMC meeting demonstrates a commitment to the committee’s ‘learn-and-share knowledge’ philosophy.

The objective of the committee is to share knowledge and exchange best practices among manufacturers of offshore equipment and industry experts and foster a forum for support and improvement of DNV GL’s activities towards manufacturers.

“The NAOEMC clearly demonstrates DNV GL’s attention to customer focus and partnership with industry. Together we discuss industry trends, standards, regulations, and the relationship with Class to promote innovation and adopt emerging technologies,” commented Paal Johansen, Executive Vice President and Director of Operations Maritime, Region Americas – DNV GL.

Get Involved
Participation in the committee is voluntary and at no cost to members or participants. The NAOEMC meets annually, as a forum, to discuss relevant topics and hear from speakers representing manufacturers, regulatory, owners, operators, and industry partners.

“Ian Friesen, Technical Director at NOV, will serve as Chairman of the NAOEMC and Nick Prokopuk, DNV GL’s Business Development Manager- Certification, will serve as Secretary of the Committee. Under their leadership the NAOEMC will formulate concrete goals for the year ahead and facilitate open communication between various stakeholders of all segments of the offshore manufacturing industry,” announced DSouza. 

To learn more about the NAOEMC, or to join, please contact Nick Prokopuk at, or by phone at +1 (832) 674-6858.