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DNV GL and Deloitte first to leverage blockchain technology to advance the certification industry

To defeat counterfeiting and build digital trust, DNV GL in alliance with Deloitte Block Chain Lab, has transferred all its 90,000 certificates to a private blockchain, being the first in the certification industry to leverage on this technology.

Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV GL - Business Assurance
Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV GL - Business Assurance

Every DNV GL certificate is now digitally tagged, traceable and stored in the blockchain. The technology blocks counterfeit certificates, allowing companies to communicate their certification in a transparent and secure way.

“For 150 years, we in DNV GL have been in the business of building trust, but in the age of digital transformation, there is an increased need for transparency in a volatile business environment,” says Luca Crisciotti, CEO in DNV GL - Business Assurance.  

As a business assurance provider, DNV GL works in a variety of industries to certify companies’ processes, products, facilities and supply chains to national and international standards.

“This is one of the first blockchain applications created outside the finance industry, and it shows the limitless possibilities this technology provides,” says Martin Bryn, Partner at Deloitte. “Soon there will be concepts, prototypes and investments emerging in every major industry,”

When a certificate is issued, the data is digitalized, sent to the blockchain, and a digital identity is assigned to each certificate.  All certificates are uniquely tagged, traceable and original stored in a network of computers instead of a central repository. Combined, this makes it possible to uncover fraud and through a QR code on the certificate anyone can verify in the blockchain if a company is certified.

“Putting our certificates on the blockchain is the first step in building a new digital assurance concept. Our objective is to use blockchain and other disruptive technologies to provide new services and continuing to create value for our customers,” says Renato Grottola, Global Digital Transformation Director, DNV GL – Business Assurance.