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DNV and LabTest sign MOU to provide North American and global Hazardous Locations (Ex) Equipment manufacturers a one-stop approval option.

Hazardous Areas (Ex) Equipment in Collaboration with LabTest Certification

New collaboration creates a one-stop solution for Hazardous Locations (Ex) Equipment Testing, Certification, and Factory Assessment around the globe

DNV and LabTest Certification Inc. are proud to announce a new strategic alliance. This collaboration will provide a one-stop solution for Hazardous Locations (Ex) Equipment Testing, Certification, and Factory Assessment around the globe. As a result, manufacturers of all sizes and industry types can benefit from reduced approval costs, faster time to market, localized technical expertise, and international market acceptance.  

“Our strategic alliance with LabTest simplifies the approval process for Ex Equipment customers by providing a single, go-to resource for testing and certification,” said Mike Norman, DNV’s Director of Product Assurance North America. “We are delighted by the opportunity to impact safety and simplify the approval process for our customers.” 

DNV and LabTest can provide localized services for Hazardous Locations (Ex) Equipment to manufacturers needing product approvals for the North American, European, UK, South American and other international markets. With offices and laboratories located globally, the two teams combined bring a broad range of testing, inspection, and certification services to the table. LabTest and DNV, respectively, also provide testing and certification services for other product categories, such as electrical, EMC, gas, plumbing, marine, solar, energy efficiency, building materials, as well as environmental testing, both through in-house and on-site evaluations.  

“With this new agreement, LabTest is excited to team up with DNV and through a joint effort, provide manufacturers of Ex Equipment with North American and global approvals, while keeping our focus on the one basic value where every client, large or small, is just as important. As we understand that time to market is of the essence, we believe in keeping the product compliance process as simple as possible. One of the advantages of this collaboration is that manufacturers seeking certifications for the North American market (cLCus Mark) will be able to access local approval services no matter where they are located.” stated Kavinder Dhillon, President of LabTest Certification Inc.  

DNV has a longstanding history of “safeguarding life, property, and the environment,” a purpose that fits well with LabTest’s core values. Together, LabTest and DNV provide a broad portfolio of national and international accreditations and market acceptance, widely recognized around the globe. 

David Tellez, Regional Lead – Americas, DNV Supply Chain & Product Assurance, stated, “DNV’s large international reach into many market areas, combined with LabTest’s specific expertise in the hazardous location equipment testing and certification area, will serve our joint customers well. We are pleased to combine our individual expertise and varied core strengths to service this broad customer market.”

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